Boris Johnson rejects fossil fuel divestment and instead embraces fracking


Today, after months of campaigning and a positive vote from the London Assembly, Boris Johnson stated his fierce opposition to divestment and restated his commitment to fracking.

After a near unanimous vote for divestment by the London Assembly on the 11th of March, along with public pressure from thousands of Londoners, as well as the clear evidence about the devastating impact of unmitigated climate change, it is clear that the Mayor sided with the fossil fuel industry.

Boris Johnson’s response is hugely disappointing!

However, hope is not far. With the mayoral elections just around the corner, Boris Johnson is soon to be history. We need a mayor that can step up to the challenge of climate change, face the reality of the situation, and make the right decisions to protect Londoners.

London needs a Mayor that cares!

We will be outside City Hall this Friday at 8.20am calling on Londoners and potential mayoral candidates to make a change and support divestment.

Bring your best Boris costumes for a love-in with the fossil fuel industry and a heart-felt, oil-filled, dance-inspired demonstration of just what we think of public figures that insist on standing on the wrong side of history.

Boris masks and placards provided.

Everyone welcome – please do come along and show your support (even if dressing Boris isn’t your thing – that’s also fine!)

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