Labour mayoral candidate David Lammy calls for divestment of London pensions!

In today’s Evening Standard, David Lammy called for Boris Johnson to ‘put his money where his mouth is’ and stop investing Londoners’ pensions in fossil fuels.

After meeting with Divest London, Mr Lammy boldy pledged to divest the £4.8bn London Pensions Fund Authority of its dirty investments if elected Mayor.

As leading research shows, fossil fuel investments are environmentally dangerous and financially perverse. By encouraging a move to clean energy investments, Lammy is protecting the futures of London citizens.

As Desmond Tutu says: “No one should profit from the rising seas, temperatures and human suffering caused by the burning of fossil fuels”. We’re delighted David Lammy has positioned himself on the right side of history, tackling the greatest human rights challenge of our time – climate change.

Find the full Evening Standard article here.

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