On September 8, we partied hard at the LPFA’s annual review for the employees! Well, maybe we didn’t party quite so hard, but we definitely made ourselves known before the event, to the tunes of “London’s Burning”, “People Have the Power”, and “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”.



Our aim was to make sure that members knew about the importance of divesting their pension funds from fossil fuels, and to answer any questions about it that they may have. We hoped to spark discussion at the members-only meeting itself. Given that the meeting was held in Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank, famous for its festivals and colourful events, we thought we’d join in, with our own fairy outfits.



Many LPFA members didn’t just pick up a leaflet, but stopped to ask questions and have a chat. Most were quite positive about divestment options.






We packed up encouraged by the positivity of the LPFA’s members. As enthusiasm gathers for the divestment of pension funds such as the LPFA–which was most recently supported by mayoral candidates Khan and Lammy–we’ll keep looking to a fossil-free future, which is becoming closer and closer.


If you were one of the lovely members we spoke to and are interested in signing a petition to Susan Martin, here is the link:



ADDED FUN: We have had time to squeeze in a great photo with Greenpeace’s Aurora (SHELL HQ, https://www.savethearctic.org/en-GB).  The Southbank is clearly seeing it’s fair share of activism this week.



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